6 reasons a Roomba robot vac is better

Do you trust a robot to clean your house?

Perhaps you fancy yourself a paragon of cleanliness and are unwilling to yield the floors of your well-kept household to a machine. Well it may be time to reconsider.

The Roomba series of cleaning robots from iRobot not only handle the cleaning while you’re busy, they will probably do a better job of it than you. Not convinced? Read on to discover the ways in which a Roomba robot will put your cleaning skills to shame.

1)It sticks to a schedule without excuses

You can programme Roomba to start and stop at certain times. Roomba is clever enough to follow whatever schedule you give it and can clean on up to seven different scheduled occasions a week.

You decide when it cleans, meaning you don’t have to be there in order to vacuum your carpets. Set Roomba to clean while you’re at work, on holiday, or, if you like feeling an overpowering sense of omnipotence, stay home and oversee Roomba’s work. You can even shout motivational phrases at it. It won’t listen, but you’ll certainly feel like a boss.

The 980 model allows you to control Roomba’s schedule using the iRobot HOME app. If you forget to schedule a clean before leaving the house, you can sign in to the app and tell Roomba to clean from wherever you are.


Unless you’re incredibly flexible, we’re going to say that squeezing yourself under the dresser is beyond your physical ability. Getting the vacuum cleaner under there probably isn’t a walk in the park either. That’s where Roomba excels.

There is no space into which the fearless robot won’t venture. No nook, cubby hole, or hard-to-reach area remains unclean as long as Roomba is on patrol. What’s more, the moulded, soft-touch bumper means that your furniture won’t get damaged if Roomba attempts a particularly high-risk manoeuvre trying to squeeze into a space too small for it

3)Roomba has one job, and no other commitments

Roomba doesn’t know how not to do its job. It doesn’t have any commitments other than attending to cleaning your floors. Sure you can climb the stairs, but can you not go to work? Can you never make plans with friends and family? Roomba doesn’t have to worry about anything other than vacuuming your floors so while you’re busy at work, it’s busy cleaning up after you.

And because Roomba returns to base when it’s finished working, it recharges itself, meaning it will make the cleaning rounds without fail every time. If it runs out of juice during a clean, it will return to its charging base and carry on cleaning when it has enough power to finish the job. It literally takes care of itself. All you have to do is maintain it every now and then, which let’s face it, is the least you can do for your new vacuuming pal.


The Virtual Wall Lighthouse which comes with the robot uses infrared lights to ensure Roomba doesn’t leave a room until it’s completely clean. The persistent pass cleaning method means that Roomba goes over areas that require more attention until the dirt has been fully removed. It will even clean right up to the wall using its side brushes.

The Virtual Wall Lighthouse moves Roomba on to the next room only after it has fully cleaned the area it’s in. You can also use the Virtual Lighthouses in Virtual Wall Mode to stop Roomba roaming into certain rooms or areas where it shouldn’t.


Like all great exemplars in any field, Roomba makes you better simply for being around it. Although it senses and avoids obstacles in its path, you’ll want to make sure Roomba has an easy time navigating your house while you’re out.

Keeping clutter off the floor will become second nature after a few weeks of living with your new cleaning friend as you find yourself picking things more and more things up just to give Roomba a clear path.

Roomba makes us all better. A shining example of cleaning excellence.


Sure you can see dirt, but can you hear it? With Roomba’s Dirt Detect technology, it knows when to apply some elbow grease thanks to the optical and acoustic sensors that pick up dirt particles.

The Persistent Pass Cleaning Method also ensures that nothing is spared in Roomba’s mission to eradicate dirt and dust from the face of the earth. The AeroForce Performance Cleaning System breaks up dirt before vacuuming it up making Roomba the ultimate dirt hunting machine.

And it can sense when the surface it’s on needs a little more attention. The Carpet Boost feature on the Roomba 980 automatically increases the performance of the motor on carpet and rugs where dirt is more likely to gather.

Post time: Nov-13-2015


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