Dyson has a new Small Ball

If you have a small home, but aren’t quite ready to go cordless, Dyson hasn’t forgotten you. The new Dyson Small Ball is small, but it still has a cord.

According to Dyson, the average British home is just eight times the size of a London taxi – clearly this correspondent lives in a below average size home – making space a premium.

The new Dyson Small Ball weighs just 5.5.kg and is designed to be easy to carry up and down stairs. It’s also 30% quieter than the Dyson’s previous generation small vacuum, but doesn’t compromise on performance.

James Dyson, eponymous founder of Dyson, said: James Dyson: “We’ve compressed Dyson technology into a compact body to produce an ever more advanced and light upright machine. We are obsessed with lean engineering so Small Ball has full-size performance yet a small format.”

The new machine also embraces the larger ball design of recent machines, but as ever it comes at a high price. Prices start at £400 right now, so perhaps wait a while for some deals to knock that price down a little.

Post time: Jan-08-2016


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