VR9000 is powerful than conventional vacs

Everyone likes the idea of a robot vacuum cleaner, but they’re rarely powerful enough to get the job done entirely. The Samsung POWERbot VR9000, which launched at CES 2015 today, begs to differ.

Rather like the upcoming dyson 360 eye, it sounds as if the upcoming POWERbot VR9000 aims to make robot vacs more like regular vacuum cleaners in the power department.

The key to this added power is a new Digital Inverter Motor, which generates the extra power Samsung speaks of.

Samsung’s ‘conventional robot vacuum’ definition is open to interpretation, but we assume that includes previous Samsung robot vacuum cleaners and the efforts of Korean rival LG.

The VR9000 also includes an ‘extra-wide’ brush bar that’s ‘four inches wider than conventional robot vacuums’ and which ensures improved cleaning on all surfaces.

Samsung has upgraded the guidance systems, too. A new FullView Sensor is better at detecting small obstacles, while the Visionary Mapping system creates a complete virtual map to guide the robot vac. The VR9000 also has EasyPass wheels, though exactly how they make the vacuum move better isn’t explained.

In summary, the VR9000 sounds like a much more powerful robot vacuum cleaner than previous Samsungs, though the core features and concepts remain the same.

We’ll see how it performs when in goes on sale in Spring 2015.

Post time: Jan-06-2015


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